Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

Written by Steven Merkel

Victoria's Secret Angel Card





N/A N/A 24.99% None


  • Every 250 points equals a $10 reward
  • Annual birthday gift
  • Receive exclusive coupons and sales events via email
  • Points expire if you don't make one purchase during a 12 month period
Victoria Secret Angel card

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If you shop at Victoria’s Secret often, then you might enjoy the perks that come with this card.  Comenity Bank issues these accounts, among many other store charge cards.

Where Can I Use It

Only at Victoria Secret retail outlets and


Currently 24.99%
Like many store issued charge cards, this one from Victoria's Secret comes with a dangerously high interest rate as well.

Store Reward

For each dollar you spend with your card, you will earn 1 Angel Reward point. Once you accumulate 250 angel reward points you will reach Angel V.I.P. status and will receive a $10 gift card. You will then get a $10 gift card for every 250 points you earn afterward. And, for the first six months, you will get special savings of over $100 when you open a Victoria’s Secret card.

Another benefit this card has to offer is that you will get exclusive mailings and discounts on Victoria’s Secret products and also the occasional free shipping and bonus points when you buy selected purchases; online or from their catalog. As an added bonus, for each year your account is active, you will get an Angel Reward for your birthday.

Please note that cardholders will need to make at least one purchase a year to remain active.  If an account becomes inactive it will forfeit unspent rewards.

Who This Card is For

The most dedicated of Victoria's Secret shoppers will gain the most benefit from this card.  If you find yourself purchasing the majority of your undergarments for yourself or a loved one at their stores or from their website you will receive a nice bonus of points with every purchase that in time will add up to gift cards for future purchases.  The most savvy of shoppers should take advantage of their card specific coupons and sale events.

Overall Recommendation

This card is recommended to people who are frequent VS shoppers. The special offers are nice, but the reward points are what set this card above the average ones.  The gift card rewards equal out to about 4% cash back. However, this card has a very high APR, so you will need to pay this credit card off each month.