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  • 5% off purchases on approval day
  • 5% off everytime you shop at Target or
  • Free shipping for (no minimum purchase required)
Target Visa card

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Issuer: Target Bank

Target Credit Card


Target has 3 different credit cards, the basic Target credit card, the Target visa credit card, and the Target check card. They have almost the same features, but slightly different. When you open a new credit card, either the regular or visa, you will be mailed a certificate for 10% off, good for an entire day at target stores and also a 10% off your shopping cart online. You can earn red points on purchases made with all three types of cards. For every dollar spent in target stores, you will earn 1 point, and 1 point per every $2 spent anywhere else with your visa only. Every time your point balance reaches 1000, you will get another 10% off certificate for a day at target stores. You can also earn a certificate for every 10 prescriptions filled at target when you pay with your card.

You can also give to charity with all three target cards. Up to 1% of all purchases made with your target card will be donated to a school of your choice of selected schools. You can get the lowest APR with the Target visa credit card, so this would be the best choice. However, if you still want the rewards, but don’t want to use credit, you can open up a Target check card which uses your own bank account and also lets you take out up to $40 cash back at the register.