Target RED Card





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  • Free Shipping on all purchases
  • 5% cash back on all Target store and website purchases
  • Earn additional savings with their Pharmacy Rewards
  • 1% of all your purchases can be donated to an elementary school of your choice
Target Red card

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Issuer: Target National Bank

Target Red Card


The Target Red Card refers to a set of 3 cards, the store card, a visa or a debit card. Their benefits are pretty much the same, except for the fact that the debit is linked to a checking account, and the store card can’t be used everywhere.

This is actually a pretty nice card, but it seems to be targeting parents in particular, because you can donate 1% of what you spend on your card to a school of your choice (not colleges). You automatically get an extra 5% off all purchases made at Target, in store or online, when you use your card. You can get an additional 5% off that can be combined with your daily, for a total of 10% off your purchase for a day when you use your card on 5 prescriptions at Target.

Overall, I think this is a very nice card, if Target is one of your favorite places to shop. The interest rate is pretty low if you have good credit, and the discounts are pretty nice. If you have to have this card, I say go for it.

*Fill out Target Red Application

Mail to:
Target National Bank
PO Box 5329
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5329