Staples Consumer Credit Card





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  • Free Delivery on every Staples order
  • 10% rewards on all ink and cartridge purchases
  • 10% rewards on all case and ream paper purchases
  • 10% rewards on all copy and print purchase
Staples consumer credit

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Issuer: Citibank, N.A.

Staples Credit Card


The Good:
This card does have many good attributes. With every order that is over fifty dollars you will receive free shipping. Another nice perk is the automatic enrollment in the Staple Rewards program. This program gives you ten percent back on many purchases in store and online. You can also earn two dollars back for each ink cartridge you recycle, up to ten cartridges per month.

The Bad:
If you don’t reach the ten-dollar minimum to receive your reward it will expire at the end of two months directly after the month you made your first qualifying purchase. If you aren’t a frequent shopper at Staples you may never reach the minimum to receive your gift card. The ten dollars is not a check but a coupon that can be used on your next purchase. Like the Best Buy credit card if you don’t use the full amount of the coupon you will forfeit the remaining balance.

The Ugly:
The interest rate is horrible at 27.99%. This is one of the highest APR’s I have ever seen. If you do really want to get this card you need to be aware of this fact, and if you don’t pay off your account in full every month you will receive a large interest charge.

Unless you are a faithful Staples customer and really like their store and services, I just can’t recommend this card. The interest rate is too steep and the rewards program just isn’t good enough to cover the risk of being charged that insane amount of interest; all it takes is one mistake to see how painful the interest can be.