Sony Visa Card





0% Until June 2013 13.90% - 24.90% None


  • $50 Sony gift card after first purchase
  • Receive 5 points per dollar on purchases made at and Sony stores
  • Receive 3 points per dollar spent at movie theaters and restaurants
  • 1 point per dollar on all other purchases

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Issuer: Capital One

Sony Credit Card


You have to be a smart shopper to really get the most rewards out of the Sony credit card. To get the most points, you must make your purchases from Sony Style stores or, and then you receive five points per each dollar you spend. If there isn't a store near you, or you don't like to make purchases online you won't be able to achieve the five point mark. If you use your card anywhere else you will only get one point per dollar, but this is still equivalent to 1% cash back. It is stated on the website that one Sony point is the equivalent of $0.01, so when you purchase directly from Sony, you’re really getting 5% back.

The interest is pretty good at 13.90%, and there is no annual fee.   If you are approved at the higher interest rate you should try and pay off your balance every month.  A 23.90% APR is brutal and can cause you to lose a lot of money to interest if you don't pay it off.

Now is an especially good time to take out this credit card because they have put some merchandise with reduced point values, and now you can redeem your points for either the whole amount of the item, or only partial. So if your points are about to expire (they expire after 1 year), then you can use all the points you have saved up so far, and still buy something without fear of losing them all. This is a pretty good card, even if you don’t buy electronics very often.

I recommend that you apply for a different credit card, if you don't plan to use this card for Sony purchases. you could at least find a card that offers 3% on all purchases, if your spending seems to be spread out over different categories.