Sears Credit Card

Written by Steven Merkel

Sears Credit Card





N/A N/A 25.24% None


  • Introductory Offer: See your local Sears store for details
  • Able to pay your balance online, in store, or through mail
  • Exclusive sale and discount opportunities
Sears credit card

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Issuer: Citibank


There are two Sears card issued by Citibank designed for consumers.  This is the basic charge card that cannot be used everywhere.

Where Can I Use It

At all Sears branded stores including; department and auto centers.  You may also use it at Kmart and Lands' End stores, and online at,, and[1]


Currently 25.24%[2]

The interest rate is only slightly lower than what other store cards offer. 

Store Reward

This card only comes with periodic financing offers and coupons.  You may combine this card with the Shop Your Way rewards program, which gives you points on all qualifying purchases made at Sears and Kmart. 

The financing offers vary from quarter to quarter and are for specific purchases only. 

The current financing offer is for appliance purchases over $499.  You can choose to take 5% off or receive no interest for 12 months.[3]

Who This Card is For

The savvy consumer that wishes to take advantage of their finance offer for a large purchase, or the regular customer that shops at their brand of stores often. 

Overall Recommendation

If you are a frequent shopper of Sears or Kmart you should apply for this card, but you will be better served by the MasterCard.  If you have limited credit history or poor credit you will more likely be approved for the regular Sears card.  You can use it to help build your credit history until you have a high enough score to switch to the MasterCard. Also, you want to apply in-store for the credit card to get the special offer for opening an account, which may not be available with the online application.


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