Sams Club Credit Card

Sams Club Advantage Member Card

Sams Club Advantage


Online Bill Payment

Issuer:GE Capital Retail Bank





N/A N/A 22.90% $40*


  • *Advantage annual membership fee
  • Will offer periodic no interest rates through out the year
  • $60 in-Club cash access


There are actually three Sam’s Club credit cards that are available in personal or business, whichever suits your needs. There is the basic card, Sam’s Club Advantage Member credit card, and two Discover cards, The Sam’s Club Discover Cash Back or flying miles. You must have a membership card in order to apply for any of these cards.

All three cards have no annual fee, but only the discover cards are usable anywhere, whereas the basic card is for in-store only. There is also a cash advance option available at the check out, however there is a limit, $60 for the Advantage member card, and $100 for the two discover cards. Another benefit to getting a Sam’s Club credit card is that you will receive special offers in the mail.

If you decide to apply for the Sam’s Club Discover Cash Back card you will receive 2% cash back on all purchases, in-store and anywhere you use it. Or on the other hand, you would earn one mile for every dollar you spend using your discover miles card. The drawback to the discover cards is that you have to upgrade your membership in order to pick one of these features, which means you have to pay a $100 fee. The good news is that none of the cards have an annual fee, but you do have to pay a one-time fee, so maybe it’s not really worth it. I don’t really see how the sky miles or the 2% cash back could earn you enough to get back your initial $100, so not worth it in my opinion. The regular store card could be worth it though, since it really has no membership fee or annual fee, unless you upgrade to the plus membership.


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