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  • Receive 15% discount for first two days after approved
  • $100 maximum rebate for two day account approval discount
  • Monthly savings events for cardholders
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Issuer: Department Stores National Bank

Macy's Credit Card


There are five different credit cards to apply for at Macy’s, the regular Macy’s credit card called the Red Star Rewards credit card, and the Red, Gold, Platinum, and Elite Star Rewards Visa credit cards. Which visa card you qualify for is based on how much money you spend at Macy’s per year. Obviously you will get the best savings and features on the Elite credit card, but you would have to spend at least $2,500 in a period of a year in order to be eligible for it.

If you open a Macy’s credit card, you will get 10% off today and tomorrow in Macy’s stores. All of the Macy’s cards have the same APR, rates and fees, it is only the rewards that change with the higher cards. If you were going to get a Macy’s card, the one I would recommend would be the platinum or elite because you can still get the coupons, but you can also earn certificates and free services either 12 or 18 times per year respectively. If you get a Macy’s catalog, chances are you will get periodic mailings with coupons, so it wouldn’t really be worth it for the credit card unless you spend at least $1000 a year there, then you should by all means apply for the credit card and start getting the really good rewards.