Lowes Consumer Card





0%* 6 months* 24.99% None


  • *Intro period available if you spend $299 or more
  • 5% off every Lowes purchase
Lowes consumer card

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Lowes Consumer Credit Card


Lowe's has 4 different types of credit cards, 2 of which are for businesses, but the other 2 are for consumers. Their most basic card is the Lowes credit card, and with it you will receive special offers and save money on every purchase. You can also get some offers during the year to postpone your payments, as well as printable coupons online.

I would recommend this credit card for everyday purchases, as long as the balance is paid off every month in full, because it also comes with a high interest rate. However, if you are doing a large home improvement project, I would suggest that you get the Project card, it has a much lower interest rate, and you can plan a specified 6 month period where there are no payments and no interest accrues. But be careful, I recommend this only for large projects, because with this card you would have to make a minimum purchase of $1000 to qualify.

This consumer card is pretty mediocre, and it has a very high interest rate, so I would probably use a different card that has a cash back feature. Still, if you are a frequent shopper of Lowe’s, the special offers and coupons could be worth it.