JCPenney Credit Card

Written by Steven Merkel

JCPenney Credit Card





N/A N/A 26.99% None


  • Receive 20% off your first online purchase
  • Receive 1 point per dollar spent at JCP
  • Special savings for card members
  • No interest promotional periods
JCPenney charge card

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Issuer: GE Capital
Retail Bank


This is the most basic of the three JCPenney credit cards. They are phasing out the Privilege Gold and Privilege Platinum cards at the end of 2013.  All of their cards are issued by GE Capital Retail Bank.

Where Can I Use It

At all JCPenney retail outlets, CVS and RiteAid pharmacies.  Online at and[1]


Currently 26.99%[2]

The interest rate is high, but is in line with what other department store cards offer. Unfortunately APRs in the 20s is the norm for most stores.

Store Reward

When you apply either in-store or online you will receive a 20% discount on your purchase.  This bonus expires the next day so be sure to spend it wisely.

In addition to receiving the normal coupons and discounts, all cardholders are enrolled into JCP rewards which grants $10 gift certificates every time you spend $100 in a calendar month but spending does not carryover from month to month.[3] For instance if you spend $150 in one month and then the next you spend $50 you will only receive one $10 gift card.

Who This Card is For

Anyone that enjoys shopping at JCPenney or purchases large amounts of Sephora products. Although this card can be used at CVS and RiteAid your purchases made at them will not count towards the JCP gift certificate rewards.

Overall Recommendation

We recommend consumers apply for this credit card! This is one of the better store credit cards, where the rewards are concerned, with the 10% back it easily trumps what other stores have to offer.  The interest rate is a tad on the high side so make sure you don't carry a balance, or it will negate any benefit you've earned from shopping.


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