Home Depot Credit Card

Written by Steven Merkel

Home Depot Consumer Card Review

This is the most basic consumer card for Home Depot, offered through Citibank.

Where Can I Use It

At any Home Depot location and online at


Currently 17.99%, 21.99%, 25.99%, 26.99%[1]

The interest rate you are offered varies by your credit score. If you have an excellent score you will receive 17.99% or 21.99%. If you have a good score you will receive 21.99% or 25.99%. If you have a bad score you receive an interest rate of 26.99%.

Store Reward

This card does not come with any points or purchasing rewards, though you may receive promotional discounts or coupons in the mail or email.

You may use this card to take advantage of free standard shipping[2] and in-store pickup through, but this is not limited to this card.  You can use any type of payment to receive free shipping.

The sole benefit of this card is its no interest offer upon initially opening the account. Beware though that if you don't pay off the balance in full after the introductory offer expires you will be charged interest for the previous months.

Who This Card is For

Customers that are making a large purchase and wish to take advantage of the no interest offer for 6 months.

Overall Recommendation

We don't recommend this credit card. The only redeeming feature that they offer is the no interest for 6 months if your initial purchase is above $299. That alone does not make it good, and the interest rate varies greatly between each applicant. Even If you have average credit you will end up with a rate above 20%.

But there is one caveat that consumers should be aware of; the minimum interest charge is $2.00[1]. For most non-store credit cards the minimum interest charge is $0.50, and although it's not an earth-shattering difference, if you carry a small balance you can expect a higher monthly payment.


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2. Homer TLC, Inc., (2011) "Free Shipping at The Home Depot". Retrieved March 16, 2013.



Discontinued Cards


rewards mastercard The Home Depot Rewards MasterCard
This card has been discontinued as of 2-01-2010. If you haven't spent your reward points as of 1-31-2010; you will lose your remaining points. If you wish to contact their customer service you can reach them at 1-877-969-9030.
The commercial cards include Revolving charge, Commercial Account, and Business Rewards MasterCard. These cards also have some features in common; track orders, itemized billing statements, cards for employees. Track orders allows you to know what purchases your cardholders make.


Business Rewards MasterCard
This card has also been discontinued as of February 1st 2010.