GM Flexible Earnings MasterCard





0% 12 or 15 Months* 13.99%, 17.99%, or 22.90%* None

  • *Determined by past credit history
  • Instant approval
Choose Your Reward:
    1. Receive 3% on all purchases towards a vehicle
    2. Receive 1% on all purchases towards cash back
GM rewards credit card

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Issuer: Capital One

GM Flexible Rewards Credit Card


There are very few auto reward credit cards out there; one of them is the GM Flexible Earnings. This card lets you accumulate rewards for a discount on a new vehicle at authorized dealerships.

Why It’s Called Flexible Earnings
You earn three percent of every dollar you spend towards a new or leased GM vehicle, but if you don’t plan to buy a GM car there are other options to spend your rewards. If you choose to buy a non-GM vehicle you can still get a reduction, but it will only be at one percent of your purchases instead of three. If you would prefer to receive cash, you can earn one percent of all purchases as cashback. You must request payment in increments of one hundred dollar checks. If you like shopping online you can earn additional rewards by shopping through their cardmember bonus shop.

Make Sure You Read the Fine Print
While I was writing my review I came across some warnings in the membership agreement I thought were important. If you don’t spend your points in seven years the first year of points expire. To redeem a rebate on a GM car you must call 800-388-9107 in order to find out which vehicles are available for the redemption, since not all are. You simply can’t walk into a dealership and ask to use your redemption on one of their cars.

Who is This Card For
The best part about this credit card is that it’s three percent back on purchases that can be used for a reduction on a GM car. If you are a big spender who pays off your balance every month, you will make the most out of this card. If you aren’t interested in a General Motor’s car then I don’t recommend this credit card, because the cashback reward is lousy and the interest rate is pretty high. On another note it sounds like General Motors is in some financial trouble, so you might want to avoid this card until they have recovered financially.

An additional note, with the present economic situation and the big three motor companies going through an upheaval it might not be the best time to get this credit card.