American Express Gift Card

During the holiday season or any gift giving season, many people like to give gift cards. If you don’t know which store a person likes to shop at you can purchase an American Express, a Discover, a MasterCard, or a Visa gift card. These can be used at any store that accepts the regular credit cards.

It works just like a debit card; each time you buy something it takes the total off of the remaining balance.

Features of American Express Gift Card
  • Purchase your gift card online or in store
  • Denominations in $25, $50, $100, $500, up to $3000
  • Personalize a gift card by using the name of the Recipient
  • If stolen or lost, the card can be replaced

Another unique feature let’s you get special savings and discounts when you use the American Express gift card online through their partner merchants. Most of these are only valid if you buy online.

  • Gift cards cost $3.95 plus amount of the card
  • Monthly fee of $2.00 after twelve months

One of the biggest negatives of this card is the fees. Regular store gift cards don’t have a monthly fee just for having it. Many States have legislation that prevents department and retail establishments from offering gift cards that have any kind of fee for having the card, but the major credit card issuers are able to circumvent this.

This kind of card also comes with many restrictions that I thought you should be aware of. These restrictions won’t stop you from spending your gift card at any retail outlet though.

  • Can’t be used at Casinos
  • Doesn’t allow ATM access
  • Only useable in the United States
  • Can’t be used for recurring billing charges
  • Can’t be used on Cruises

The American Express gift card is a good present to get someone if you don’t know where they like to shop, but I don’t recommend getting this over a store gift card though.